ApplePay within a supported app is a vastly superior experience. This is where Apple with its closed ecosystem has an advantage, and Apple Pay actually has a valuable proposition to offer — faster checkout for consumers, higher conversion for merchants.

If Apple is successful in deploying the same in app experience via Safari for web transactions, this could shift the dial further. But it won’t happen overnight, as dev work is needed to integrate ApplePay into web checkout pages.

Tapping in with your Apple device is a marginally better experience vs chip and PIN card transactions, but no better than tapping or swiping without a PIN for low value transactions (for both merchants and consumers).

If Apple can bring loyalty data and private / closed-loop transactions into play, then there might be more of an incentive for merchants to promote ApplePay in store — but this will take merchant rewards to change entrenched consumer behaviours.

Engineer by education, Consultant by experience, Entrepreneur at heart. My professional focus is #fintech, I’m an #avgeek, + I occasionally blog about #politics

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