Clubhouse lining up for commercialisation (rumours confirmed)

What do these fees refer to?

What are people going to pay for on Clubhouse?

  • (A) Clubhouse has an Audience problem relative to other platforms right now – its new, growing, but exclusive – you need an invite and an Apple device that runs iOS 13.0. I had to lend a friend an old iPhone – a lifelong Android user – to get him on Clubhouse. Nearly all the efforts by the small team have been focused on user growth – ie attract more users to signup for the platform. More users requires you to do three things well
  • 1) Attract new users – get more signups
  • 2) Develop users – make sure they have a good experiences and use Clubhouse for more hours per week
  • 3) Retain users – make sure people that are signed up, and use the platform stay with, or more important return to, the platform. There is a lot of speculation in the Clubhouse community that this is a problem for Clubhouse right now ie people join, try a few rooms the same day, don’t enjoy the experience enough to come back. Quality is a key issue here – will address this further down.
  • (B) Revenue per user – directly though the platform – is a zero for a creator on Clubhouse right now. What I have seen however is people finding ways to monetise their content outside of Clubhouse – they can sell tickets to private rooms via TicketMaster, they can cut a private deal for sponsorship for brand mentions etc, or they can just set up a simple tip jar. I have seen musicians for example that take requests live on air and put a link to their tip jar on their profile or social media profiles
  • (C) Platform costs – Clubhouse is currently free for creators and audience members alike. But the indirect costs are big – putting a great Room together takes planning and effort, may involve attracting marquee speakers (who may command an appearance fee), not to mention production gear and the creators time.

A tip jar would be the obvious first choice for creator compensation – and a useful signal of Quality for Clubhouse




Engineer by education, Consultant by experience, Entrepreneur at heart. My professional focus is #fintech, I’m an #avgeek, + I occasionally blog about #politics

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James Sherwin-Smith

James Sherwin-Smith

Engineer by education, Consultant by experience, Entrepreneur at heart. My professional focus is #fintech, I’m an #avgeek, + I occasionally blog about #politics

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